I've been studying human learning for a decade...

What this site will teach you:

The neuroscience, psychology and best practices to learn anything.

How does it work?

  • Some people seem to be a natural at everything...

  • But science has shown that learning depends more on your approach than ability.

  • Hardly anyone knows how to use these tricks. Most people just try, fail, and give up.

  • Life by Experimentation is about finding the ways to hack your way to skills.

The Life by Experimentation blog combines the latest science with battle-tested techniques to help you learn more, faster.

My Quest to Learn Music

To put all these skills to the test, I've decided to learn music inside of just one year. I invite you to follow along with me to see what works (and what doesn't)!
Even if you're not interested in learning music, I think you'll find this video and blog series to be helpful. Since I'm using generalized learning techniques that apply to any skill, you'll discover how to improve at whatever you're learning.

About the Author

My name is Zane Claes, and I I started this blog several years ago, now. I guess you could say I romanticized science. It feels like the last remaining wild west to me. Scientists are the explorers of our day… which is exactly why I don’t work as one–I know that I’d become jaded from laboratory work. Still… back in 2011 I began to wonder what kind of experiments I could perform on myself, and this blog was born.

I have been fascinated with improving human learning for as long as I can remember. In college, I was exposed to neuroscience and have followed the developments in the field closely.

Most of all, I wanted to see what skills I could learn. I find it fun to have Naively Ambitious Goals to shoot for. Or personal mini-moonshots. Whatever you want to call them.

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