• WozThiel

    The Lone Genius and the Startup Founder: a Tale of Two Styles

    The tension between the the Lone Genius and the Startup Founder is one I’ve found myself personally struggling with throughout my life. Is it better to create, even in isolation, for the sake of creation  – or to build something large, regardless of the impact I might have upon the actual product? Some very smart people would advocate for […]

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  • spam protection

    Stop Wasting your Time and Money on Mailing Lists

      While services like GMail do a great job of blocking explicit spam messages, most of us have accrued years’ worth of “quasi-spam.” You know what I’m talking about: those mailing lists, products and deals that you were automatically subscribed to and have been putting up with ever since. Over the years, these subscriptions can […]

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  • growth

    How To Increase Your Software’s User Engagement by 10x

    Recently, I finally realized that piling on new features day after day is not the most effective way to improve software. As a programmer, it’s tempting to just keep building… but this approach does not leave room for data-based improvement.   “Growth Hacking” is a (relatively) new term in startupland. I’ve been aware of the […]

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  • LinkedIn: How NOT to do Customer Support

    I’m going to try to avoid ranting here, but it’s hard. The other day I posted about a positive experience with AmEx’s customer support. Even though I ultimately concluded that large scale customer support is broken, I still walked away with a positive experience with AmEx. Fast forward to today, as I try to contain […]

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  • Large Scale Customer Support is Broken

    Recently, during the sadistic ritual known as “taxes,” I was forced to contact American Express’ customer support. First, I must commend them on using Twitter as a medium. They’re responsive and personable, and I did in fact get an answer quickly. However, the fact that Twitter has become a “decent” medium for customer support is […]

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