• Study Music: Spotify, Focus@Will and Playlists of Music for Studying


    We have special kinds of music for whenever we want to feel motivated: sports, driving in the car, clubs, parties, pre-parties. So what about studying? I’ll start by discussing the neuroscience of good study music. You can scroll down and jump straight to the review of Focus at Will (the dedicated focus music streaming service) or check out […]

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  • How to Study for Exams: The Killer Test Strategy

    Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

    Test taking strategies are a bit like superstitions: everybody’s got them, but nobody seems to know exactly what works. Until now. Here’s how to study for exams, according to science. What Causes Bad Grades? Have you ever spent hours reviewing, but failed to get a good grade? You may have fallen victim to the mere […]

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  • The Hidden Danger of Dictionary Definitions When Studying


    Your daily study schedule could be hurting your learning. On the path the expertise, the brain’s primary job is to discover shortcuts. These shortcuts are actually what makes experts better at a skill, but the brain will create them lazily. If you’re not careful, these shortcuts will prevent you from being able to transfer the […]

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