• school2-hb

    How Doing Well in School can Ruin Your Career

    When I was in high school, someone once told me that “the A students work for the B students; the B students work at the C students’ companies, and the D students are the janitors.” What the person was trying to say was that the meticulous engineers worked for the more social MBAs, who worked for […]

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  • Experiment: Happiness, Part 1: Happiness and Productivity

    This is part one of my series of experiments on happiness using Track your Happiness, a “scientific research project that aims to use modern technology” to help you understand what makes you happy. It is the project of doctoral candidate Matt Killingsworth at Harvard University. During the course of many weeks the system polled me […]

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  • radicals_simp_lores

    The Case for Chinese: the Legos of Languages

    I enjoy explaining to others just what it is that makes me enjoy learning and speaking Mandarin Chinese so much, as it is a language which is poorly understood. Shrouded in mystery in the west, we’re likely to see it employed as a “mystical” tattoo instead of as a communicative tool.    Love learning languages? […]

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  • Research: Can We Learn Digitially?

    Nobody wants digital learning techniques (software, games etc.) to succeed more than me. I was formally trained in computer science and video game design, and readers of the blog know that neuroscience, human learning and foreign languages are all amongst my primary interests. I’ve even created a few iPhone apps aimed at helping students of […]

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  • Productivity Hack: Be a Rude Jerk

    Every once in a while it behooves even the kindest of people to be a bit of a jerk.  The world tries to pull us each in different directions, and often it becomes necessary to put a foot down – and sometimes this cannot be done whilst maintaining the finest of decorum.  If I had […]

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