• You’ve Never Seen it All

    A wise Geometry teacher once explained to me that a point in space is infinitely small. Imagine a sphere that takes up absolutely no space. So, no matter how many points you add together, you’d never be able to fill even a matchbox.   Sometimes, this is how I feel about traveling. No matter how […]

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  • Experiment: Switching Languages

    After I learned Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and a little Arabic I did not think that switching between foreign languages was very hard. The three (plus English) were all from distinctly different language families, which made the task relatively painless. Not only did they sound different but the very grammar and roots of each of the […]

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  • Study Hack: Create a Language Bubble

    Creating a language bubble┬áis a great way to make use of otherwise “wasted” time when learning a new language. One blogger has even used it to learn Japanese before ever arriving in Japan. The idea is to surround yourself as much as possible with the target language so the time otherwise spent in your native […]

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