• WozThiel

    The Lone Genius and the Startup Founder: a Tale of Two Styles

    The tension between the the Lone Genius and the Startup Founder is one I’ve found myself personally struggling with throughout my life. Is it better to create, even in isolation, for the sake of creation  – or to build something large, regardless of the impact I might have upon the actual product? Some very smart people would advocate for […]

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  • pandoraspotify

    Exporting Pandora Likes / Thumbs Up to Create Spotify Playlists

    I love sharing little tools that make my life a little better (like the Kindle->Evernote Notes converter). For a long time, I’ve been using both Pandora and Spotify… Pandora is my “music finder” while Spotify is my “curated favorite music.” I’ve been manually creating Spotify playlists from Pandora thumbs up. Well, no longer. This amazing […]

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  • Blogging

    How Much can a Good, Clean Theme Help a Blog?

    In 2012, I took 18 months off from actively maintaining this blog because my time was consumed by my startup. When I returned to actively writing in 2013, it was abundantly clear that the blog needed a fresh coat of paint. A year or two spent around intelligent designers in Silicon Valley had made it […]

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