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    When is The Best Time to Wake Up?

    Maria Popova over at Brain Pickings put together this wonderful infographic of when famous authors woke up and how much they wrote. Being that sleep is such a big interest of mine, I was intrigued. I re-worked the data into this graph of how much content was produced based upon when authors woke up:   […]

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    Experiment: How To Sleep Less

    If there is a “holy grail” for those obsessed by productivity and time-management, it is conquering sleep.  It is easy to think of the time spent sleeping each night as wasted time.  If only we could sleep less without any ill-effects!   You’ve probably tried going without sleep once or twice and know what a […]

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    Is Sleeping 6 Hours per Night a Good Idea?

    I’ve written a lot about sleep optimization, from falling asleep in 2 minutes to waking up without alarm clocks. I must admit to a dirty little secret, though: I belong to the group of people who does not need much sleep to begin with. For me, 6 hours feels great and 7 hours is too […]

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  • Mind Control

    Building Focus

    I’ve received a few requests for this post, so here it is: my approach to focus. It is not an end-all be-all solution for everybody, but rather a look at the key underlying ways you can keep yourself moving towards a task. The tricks here should work well for anybody, but some may need to […]

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    Sleep Hack: No More Alarm Clocks

    Given that I cut the amount of sleep I need by 2 hours per day, you might expect that I have a loud alarm clock and a rigid sleep schedule without a social life.  All of these could not be further from the truth.     Some days I go to a club and get […]

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  • Sleep Hack: Create a Sleep Kit

    You know how to sleep well and how to fall asleep in under 2 minutes, but what good is it if you’re on the road or otherwise do not have the luxury of a good sleep environment?  A simple sleep kit can be created for under $10 and will solve virtually all of your environmental-based […]

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