• californiacation

    Do Deadlines Help Productivity?

    A “deadline” is a scary word. It comes from an imaginary line in the ground in civil war prisons, the crossing of which would lead to death. Sometimes the dead line was not even marked; it was just an arbitrary point at which the guards would fire and kill a presumed prison-breaking inmate. Today, deadlines […]

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  • My First Trial

    What Does Yoga do to Stress Levels?

    If you’re like me, you’ve heard lots of chatter about all the benefits of things like exercise, yoga and meditation. There have been studies linking exercise to decreased stress, and of course any practitioner of meditation/mindfulness will be happy to tell you about the benefits of a regular practice. Still, all of these supposed benefits […]

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  • Blogging

    How Much can a Good, Clean Theme Help a Blog?

    In 2012, I took 18 months off from actively maintaining this blog because my time was consumed by my startup. When I returned to actively writing in 2013, it was abundantly clear that the blog needed a fresh coat of paint. A year or two spent around intelligent designers in Silicon Valley had made it […]

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  • Motivation (1)

    The 10 Steps to Nonstop Accomplishment

    Countless productivity blogs, social psychology books, and scientific research papers have attempted to address the idea of “peak performance.” How far can we push our bodies safely? What should we reasonably expect of ourselves? What are the tricks of the trade to get the most out ourselves? I’ve spent years following these resources closely, distilling […]

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  • spam protection

    Stop Wasting your Time and Money on Mailing Lists

      While services like GMail do a great job of blocking explicit spam messages, most of us have accrued years’ worth of “quasi-spam.” You know what I’m talking about: those mailing lists, products and deals that you were automatically subscribed to and have been putting up with ever since. Over the years, these subscriptions can […]

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