• mega-millions

    “Success” is an Evil Tyrant

    In his podcast by the same name, author Tim Ferriss asks each of his guests a series of rapid fire questions at the end. One of his favorite go-to questions is “when I say the word successful, who is the first person that comes to mind?” Each time I have heard this question it has left me […]

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  • WozThiel

    The Lone Genius and the Startup Founder: a Tale of Two Styles

    The tension between the the Lone Genius and the Startup Founder is one I’ve found myself personally struggling with throughout my life. Is it better to create, even in isolation, for the sake of creation  – or to build something large, regardless of the impact I might have upon the actual product? Some very smart people would advocate for […]

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  • Motivation (1)

    The 10 Steps to Nonstop Accomplishment

    Countless productivity blogs, social psychology books, and scientific research papers have attempted to address the idea of “peak performance.” How far can we push our bodies safely? What should we reasonably expect of ourselves? What are the tricks of the trade to get the most out ourselves? I’ve spent years following these resources closely, distilling […]

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  • The (Un)Lost Generation?

    Dear my generation: What gives? Where did all the love go? Are we too pragmatic, too jaded? Or are we more aware of the real workings of the world? How can we possibly reconcile the romantic tales still embodied in our media but absent from our lives? Are we broken, is our culture broken, or […]

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  • Mind Control

    Building Focus

    I’ve received a few requests for this post, so here it is: my approach to focus. It is not an end-all be-all solution for everybody, but rather a look at the key underlying ways you can keep yourself moving towards a task. The tricks here should work well for anybody, but some may need to […]

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  • What Makes a Hero?

    Normally when a celebrity passes away I consider the event tragic – but no more so than any other of the human deaths that happen every day. I generally have a somewhat callous attitude toward our celebrity-driven worldwide culture. Yet I found myself profoundly moved by the passing of Steve Jobs, despite myself. At first […]

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  • Outliers

    How to Be an Outlier and Remain Unusual

    Malcolm Gladwell uses the term “Outliers” to describe people who are exceptional in some way. His point is well made, but at the end of the day we tend to forget that outliers are people who are different. Strange. Weird.     To have unusual success, you need to be unusual. Rare exceptions aside, you […]

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