• Study Music: Spotify, Focus@Will and Playlists of Music for Studying


    We have special kinds of music for whenever we want to feel motivated: sports, driving in the car, clubs, parties, pre-parties. So what about studying? I’ll start by discussing the neuroscience of good study music. You can scroll down and jump straight to the review of Focus at Will (the dedicated focus music streaming service) or check out […]

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  • The Science of Faster Memorization with Spaced Repetition


    You can’t talk for too long about the science of learning without running into “spaced repetition.” It comes up when optimizing your use of flashcards, for example, to help you study the right thing at the right time. It all comes back to this guy, Hermann Ebbinghaus: He spent years of his life teaching himself “nonsense syllables” […]

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  • 3 Flashcard Mistakes Most Students Make


    Flashcards are one of the most popular learning tools for route memorization. Unfortunately, most people use them wrong. Are you making one of these mistakes?   Mistake #1: Not Making your Own Cards The actual process of creating flashcards is important. Your deck of flashcards should not just be “dictionary definitions.” Turning knowledge into cards is valuable for […]

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