• The (Un)Lost Generation?

    Dear my generation: What gives? Where did all the love go? Are we too pragmatic, too jaded? Or are we more aware of the real workings of the world? How can we possibly reconcile the romantic tales still embodied in our media but absent from our lives? Are we broken, is our culture broken, or […]

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  • The spiced meat

    Experiment: Make Beef Jerky (in an oven)

    I like beef jerky a lot – especially as a travel food. It lasts a long time, does not take up much space and it is extremely rich in lean protein (so it keeps you satiated).   There are problems, though. A standard bag of beef jerky is about 3.25 oz (or 92 g) and […]

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  • Why You Should (Not) Have Your Own Mobile App

    As a mobile app developer, I spend a lot of time consulting companies with regards to why they should or should not (mostly should not) create a mobile application. Too often I see internet retailers and other brands with essentially no web presence or anything to offer wanting to jump on the mobile bandwagon. Mobile […]

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  • Experiment: Travel More, Save Money

    This particular experiment is very dear to my heart as it has become a way of life. For 9 months I have lived in 4 countries, never staying in one for longer than 11 weeks.  I have had the opportunity to do and learn some amazing things by challenging the idea that world travel is […]

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