• The Hidden Danger of Dictionary Definitions When Studying


    Your daily study schedule could be hurting your learning. On the path the expertise, the brain’s primary job is to discover shortcuts. These shortcuts are actually what makes experts better at a skill, but the brain will create them lazily. If you’re not careful, these shortcuts will prevent you from being able to transfer the […]

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  • The Learning Curve: How Muscle Memory and Memorization Work


    Anything you want to learn probably has both a physical (muscle memory) and mental (rote memorization) component. Both of them have their own “learning curve.” It’s easy to see that memorizing the bones of the body for a biology test is a largely mental task, while picking up a new sport is largely physical. It might surprise […]

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  • Kick-Start Your Learning


    As I prepared to learn to become musical in just one year, I needed to figure out where to start. Here’s the inside look at how to go about the very first stages of learning any new skill. Without a doubt, preparation is the most important part of learning anything. Diving straight into doing is like putting […]

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  • Educational Websites: List of Free Online Courses


    Are you an autodidact (do you love teaching yourself new things)? Or are you just looking to pick up a new skill? The following websites can help you learn just about anything. They are in no particular order. I’ve tried to list prices, course style, and available courses where applicable. Please chime in with any new […]

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  • Can you Learn a Language with Just Duolingo? (Review of the Best Language Learning Software)

    Beating German

    Check out my next steps for learning a language after beating Duolingo for the best way to continue your learning, or learn how to create the perfect practice plan if you’re just getting started. This post contains a Duolingo review, including a video (below) and there are more language learning resources at the end. I had previously used the Duolingo game […]

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