• yoda

    The Absolute Best Way to Change Behavior

    This post is based upon the research of behavior modification. Check out my other posts which make scientific research on the human mind understandable.   What do Yoda, vegetarians and Alcoholics Anonymous all have in common? They all work in absolutes to create permanent results. It turns out there’s solid science to support this approach. Every […]

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  • Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.47.31 AM

    When is The Best Time to Wake Up?

    Maria Popova over at Brain Pickings put together this wonderful infographic of when famous authors woke up and how much they wrote. Being that sleep is such a big interest of mine, I was intrigued. I re-worked the data into this graph of how much content was produced based upon when authors woke up:   […]

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  • sleep

    Experiment: How To Sleep Less

    If there is a “holy grail” for those obsessed by productivity and time-management, it is conquering sleep.  It is easy to think of the time spent sleeping each night as wasted time.  If only we could sleep less without any ill-effects!   You’ve probably tried going without sleep once or twice and know what a […]

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  • sunny

    Mindhacks to Increase Happiness using Science

    This post is based upon research on the science of happiness. Check out my other posts which make scientific research on the human mind understandable.   Much of the latest psychological research is yielding surprising, even counter-intuitive insights into how the mind works (which is why we have wonderful books like Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational). A common thread […]

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  • internaltime2

    Is Sleeping 6 Hours per Night a Good Idea?

    I’ve written a lot about sleep optimization, from falling asleep in 2 minutes to waking up without alarm clocks. I must admit to a dirty little secret, though: I belong to the group of people who does not need much sleep to begin with. For me, 6 hours feels great and 7 hours is too […]

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  • Rodney Yee, a well-known teacher

    Can Yoga be Used for Building Muscle (Strength Training)?

    It seems well established in the popular mindset that yoga is great for developing a svelte physique. If you go to any yoga studio, you’ll no doubt see support of this theory: most practitioners are thin, lithe and flexible. In contrast, many people (particularly men) seek to add muscle to their frame, seemingly at odds with […]

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  • Walking

    Exercising to Accomplish More in Life

    This post is a part of the 10 Steps to Nonstop Accomplishment series. If you like the tips in this post, check out the other posts in the series for maximum accomplishment, energy, and motivation.   Exercise is, in some ways, its own reward. It can make you feel good and look better in the mirrors. Odds […]

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  • 41jIvyMC0AL._SL160_

    Are Protein Shakes and Bars Worth It?

    Protein shakes have become synonymous with the idea of gaining muscle and body building. You’ll find protein powder in just about every supermarket, frat house, gym, etc. these days. Is protein powder a magical concoction which jump-starts your results, or snake oil sold by good marketers? I’m actually curious about this topic. This is my […]

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