• guitar

    My Quest to Learn Music

    An Audacious Goal My goal is to compose and produce a song (with my own vocals and an instrument) within 12 months, starting from musical scratch.   There. I said it. I’ve flip-flopped on this more than a few times in the past couple months. Finally I decided that I simply had to do it. Music has […]

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  • featured

    How To Engineer AppStore Downloads on Day One

    If you just want the numbers, skip to the bottom. This post will cover the history of the project, how we engineered scalability, optimizations, usability and the launch day itself.   I embarked upon building Aftermath just a couple months after my startup failed. The pain of knowing that I had not succeeded at creating a […]

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  • sunny

    Mindhacks to Increase Happiness using Science

    This post is based upon research on the science of happiness. Check out my other posts which make scientific research on the human mind understandable.   Much of the latest psychological research is yielding surprising, even counter-intuitive insights into how the mind works (which is why we have wonderful books like Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational). A common thread […]

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  • internaltime2

    Is Sleeping 6 Hours per Night a Good Idea?

    I’ve written a lot about sleep optimization, from falling asleep in 2 minutes to waking up without alarm clocks. I must admit to a dirty little secret, though: I belong to the group of people who does not need much sleep to begin with. For me, 6 hours feels great and 7 hours is too […]

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  • flow-game-screenshot-1

    What is a Lifeflow?

    This post is a part of the 10 Steps to Nonstop Accomplishment series. If you like the tips in this post, check out the other posts in the series for maximum accomplishment, energy, and motivation.   A “lifeflow” is like a workflow, except it applies to every aspect of life. It leverages synergy and the […]

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