• The Learning Curve: How Muscle Memory and Memorization Work


    Anything you want to learn probably has both a physical (muscle memory) and mental (rote memorization) component. Both of them have their own “learning curve.” It’s easy to see that memorizing the bones of the body for a biology test is a largely mental task, while picking up a new sport is largely physical. It might surprise […]

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  • My Quest to Learn Music


    An Audacious Goal My goal is to compose and produce a song (with my own vocals and an instrument) within 12 months, starting from musical scratch. There. I said it. I’ve flip-flopped on this more than a few times in the past couple months. Finally I decided that I simply had to do it. Music has been […]

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  • Can you Learn a Language with Just Duolingo? (Review of the Best Language Learning Software)

    Beating German

    Check out my next steps for learning a language after beating Duolingo for the best way to continue your learning, or learn how to create the perfect practice plan if you’re just getting started. This post contains a Duolingo review, including a video (below) and there are more language learning resources at the end. I had previously used the Duolingo game […]

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  • Research: Can We Learn Digitially?

    Nobody wants digital learning techniques (software, games etc.) to succeed more than me. I was formally trained in computer science and video game design, and readers of the blog know that neuroscience, human learning and foreign languages are all amongst my primary interests. I’ve even created a few iPhone apps aimed at helping students of […]

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  • Experiment: Switching Languages

    After I learned Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and a little Arabic I did not think that switching between foreign languages was very hard. The three (plus English) were all from distinctly different language families, which made the task relatively painless. Not only did they sound different but the very grammar and roots of each of the […]

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  • How to Learn to Read Novels in a Foreign Language


    I have tried reading books in foreign languages before, such as when I was learning Spanish. Like most, I found it challenging. The number of unknown words and the sheer amount of confusion made it easy to give up, even with simple books. It seemed more like a chore than anything else. This time around, […]

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  • How to Become Ambidextrous

    It always seemed cool to me to be ambidextrous. People who can do things with both hands are more versatile; if you’ve ever broken your dominant hand, you know how useful this skill can be.  As I began to do research for this experiment, though, I discovered a number of other reasons to become ambidextrous […]

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