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    Experiment: Study Drugs (Results, Part One)

    Sometimes experiments do not work out quite the way we expect.  The study drugs experiment is one of those cases.  It was fraught with problems, from shipping errors to technical problems to all-out hardware failures.   I do not consider the experiment to be a failure by any means.  I did manage to collect at […]

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  • Productivity Hack: Prevent Crashes

      Regardless of if you’re on an airplane or just trying to maintain your energy levels, crashes suck.  In both cases they are very preventable – but only before the fact.  By the time you notice that your energy levels are low (or that there’s a big hole in the side of the plane) it […]

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    Experiment Setup: Which Drugs to Take?

    I do not approach the idea of taking any drug lightly, even one prescribed to me by a doctor.  So when I was setting up my experiment on the effects of different drugs on studying, I knew that I had to choose the subjects of my experiment carefully.   There are a lot of interesting […]

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