• The Formula For Success

    I’m not here to hawk any self-help products, yet like many book writers I will make the bold claim that I know the formula to success… and it is simple. Surprisingly simple — and widely overlooked or ignored.       I’m not saying that this formula will make you rich. I’m not saying it […]

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  • Outliers

    How to Be an Outlier and Remain Unusual

    Malcolm Gladwell uses the term “Outliers” to describe people who are exceptional in some way. His point is well made, but at the end of the day we tend to forget that outliers are people who are different. Strange. Weird.     To have unusual success, you need to be unusual. Rare exceptions aside, you […]

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  • You’re Perfect as You Are (But Please Change)

    I once read an article that called my generation the “Mr. Rogers’ Generation…” and it was not a compliment.   The author’s point was that our generation has a sense of entitlement that has not been earned. We have been told “you are special” so many times that we began to believe it, without having […]

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  • My Lock Set

    Safe Travels: How to Not be Robbed

    When it comes to safety, appearances are much more important than fact. Thieves choose their victims based upon who looks like and easy mark.   I just landed in Lima, Peru last night and at no point did I feel at risk. Yet, many people warned me on my way to be careful (including locals). […]

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  • Cultivating Sanity in a Crazy World

    No matter where I go in the world, I always know that sanity is just a plane flight away.   I tell people that I meet that I do not really have a “home” and that I move countries every 2-3 months. While this is true, if you look at my driver’s license it will […]

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  • You’ve Never Seen it All

    A wise Geometry teacher once explained to me that a point in space is infinitely small. Imagine a sphere that takes up absolutely no space. So, no matter how many points you add together, you’d never be able to fill even a matchbox.   Sometimes, this is how I feel about traveling. No matter how […]

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  • Experiment: Switching Languages

    After I learned Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and a little Arabic I did not think that switching between foreign languages was very hard. The three (plus English) were all from distinctly different language families, which made the task relatively painless. Not only did they sound different but the very grammar and roots of each of the […]

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