• pandoraspotify

    Exporting Pandora Likes / Thumbs Up to Create Spotify Playlists

    I love sharing little tools that make my life a little better (like the Kindle->Evernote Notes converter). For a long time, I’ve been using both Pandora and Spotify… Pandora is my “music finder” while Spotify is my “curated favorite music.” I’ve been manually creating Spotify playlists from Pandora thumbs up. Well, no longer. This amazing […]

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  • My Lock Set

    Safe Travels: How to Not be Robbed

    When it comes to safety, appearances are much more important than fact. Thieves choose their victims based upon who looks like and easy mark.   I just landed in Lima, Peru last night and at no point did I feel at risk. Yet, many people warned me on my way to be careful (including locals). […]

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  • The Cloud, Explained

    If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ve heard me talking a lot about the “cloud” lately. It is a term that seems to be on much of the tech world’s lips, and for good reason.  The cloud is a mystical place where anything can happen, full of unicorns and leprechauns.     Apple’s […]

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  • Study Hack: Create a Language Bubble

    Creating a language bubble is a great way to make use of otherwise “wasted” time when learning a new language. One blogger has even used it to learn Japanese before ever arriving in Japan. The idea is to surround yourself as much as possible with the target language so the time otherwise spent in your native […]

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