• Data and the Self

    Tiny Data is Hugely Powerful (and Easy to Obtain)

    Tiny data is the reason I made this blog. What is tiny data, and why is N=1 so powerful? Read on to find out… Odds are, you’ve probably heard of “big data” by now, the means by which companies and governments are collecting massive amounts of data on… everything. One of the key insights of the […]

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  • Key Signature Calculation

    What is Music, Really, Anyways?

    Do you remember band class? Maybe it was just a flute or recorder, or maybe you were forced to study an instrument for a few years in middle school. Maybe you even picked up a thing or two from these classes, but how about now?   For me, music felt like a lost potential – […]

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  • Kranz_Koelsch

    Research: The Science of Blackouts (Alcohol)

    Blackouts.   Anybody who has ever drank a lot (or been around people who do) knows about this phenomenon. Entire sections of the night can disappear from a person’s memory without a trace. A recent Lifehacker article about drinking and decision-making caught my eye, and one comment in particular claimed that the poster did not […]

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  • Research: Can We Learn Digitially?

    Nobody wants digital learning techniques (software, games etc.) to succeed more than me. I was formally trained in computer science and video game design, and readers of the blog know that neuroscience, human learning and foreign languages are all amongst my primary interests. I’ve even created a few iPhone apps aimed at helping students of […]

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  • Google+ Android and iOS [Screenshot Tour]

    I posted a first look at Google+ yesterday, full of screenshots. As a mobile developer I am in a unique position to give a side-by-side tour of the mobile experience (since I own and develop for the iPhone, iPad, Android, etc). This post aims to provide a visual walk-through of what each mobile experience has […]

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  • pills-300x285

    Experiment Setup: Which Drugs to Take?

    I do not approach the idea of taking any drug lightly, even one prescribed to me by a doctor.  So when I was setting up my experiment on the effects of different drugs on studying, I knew that I had to choose the subjects of my experiment carefully.   There are a lot of interesting […]

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