• Podcast #5: Spontaneity is Wanting What You Get (and Staying Happy)

    It can be tough to be happy in bad (or even just unusual) situations. Emotions overwhelm us and threaten

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  • Podcast #4: How to Maintain Productivity From the Road

    Maintaining productivity seems like it would be difficult from the road. There are endless distractions

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  • Podcast #3: Video Games are Saving the World

    Having been trained and worked in the field of video games, I am accustomed to the attitude that the

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  • Podcast #2: What Does it Mean to Be Social?

    The word “social” has risen to the forefront of our lexicon. We are social each day when we go to

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  • Podcast #1: The Psychology of Doing Things Better

    In this first podcast (an experiment, of a sorts) I take a look at the research into the psychology of

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