IMG_0792After growing up in Michigan and studying video game design at the University of Southern California, I took to the road for several years to see the world. Inspired by the Four Hour Work Week as well as sites like Lifehacker and Fluent in 3 Months, I set off around the world.  I have now lived for extended periods of time in China, Spain, Morocco, France, Sweden and Peru and have learned to speak Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and French (to varying degrees of skill). I get a lot of personal enjoyment out of finding ways to improve my productivity and learn a myriad of new skills – like becoming ambidextrous, requiring less sleep, testing study drugs, etc.




I own and operate my own company, inZania LLC, which has produced over 30 applications for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android platforms.  Our clients include internationally recognized companies like Konami Digital Entertainment and we have created several applications rated in the top-10 in their respective categories in the AppStore.



airbnb-logo (1)These days, I work full time at Airbnb and live in the mission district in San Francisco. Life by Experimentation came about as part of my desire to share what I learned by testing different productivity and life-enhancing ideas on myself. This has touched every part of my life, from personal to professional.  Despite moving from place to place, I try very hard to find a sense of balance in my life between work, travel, exercise, learning and pleasure.  Sometimes it is hard to know which new strategies are working (and which are not), so I decided to formalize my attempts by creating this blog.  Articles like my experiment on how to sleep less and do more or my attempt at switching to a standing desk are a simple extension of my day-to-day life.




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