Podcast #3: Video Games are Saving the World

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Having been trained and worked in the field of video games, I am accustomed to the attitude that the media takes towards them. They are frequently portrayed as destroying the morals of society and corrupting our youth, the Rockstar Games of the world made out to be the arms and drug dealers of the digital world, even being blamed for murder. The truth, though, is that games are doing far more good than evil. They are treating severe medical conditions, driving technological innovation, being used for teaching and even simulating entire worlds. Here are some of the other ways video games are saving the world.







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  • http://twitter.com/Joshie1243 Evan van den Berg

    Very good podcast this one, highlights some critical points usually looked over by the “normal” media. Its quite amazing how quickly games and the hardware that supports them has developed in such a short time. I mean look at games like Eve-Online, which, in my opinion is probably one of the most advanced MMO’s out there, economies, corporations, wars, “countries” and such, there’s even a justice system, and now its going to integrate with dust 514 a FPS MMO, its insane! I do believe games create a reality people normally wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise, what better way to show a teenager the challenges of creating a corporation then him actually doing it in a immersive virtual environment? I’ve also read an article that gaming, especially when playing console games, helps to decrease the degradation of fine motor functions as one ages. 

    Though I wonder what are the true negative effects of gaming, I don’t really believe the whole violence thing, though I do wonder if gaming does have an effect on sleep, or eyesight or maybe memory retention and such. It’d be interesting to see where gaming goes in the future, maybe we’ll be getting something similar to the matrix(though slightly less invasive), or is that just too much for most?

    • http://LifeByExperimentation.com Zane the Experimenter

      Eve Online is really an impressive accomplishment (though I was never able to really find it fun, unfortunately, I still enjoyed the visuals and the sophistication of the game). Suddenly researches all over are finding all these great benefits from games, its great to see :) I just saw an article on Chess staving off alzheimer’s recently (but so does being bilingual, apparently, so it seems it has more to do with the activity level of the brain).

      Give a boy a paintball gun and he will shoot things. If he turns out to be a violent person it is easy to blame the gun, but it really seems like a correlation/causality problem. Personally, I think we will see the line between gaming and real life blurred further so that they become a part of our daily lives in ways we cannot even predict right now…

  • Max Hydrogen

    Un excellent poste! Aussi, le CDC à Atlanta veut se servir de jeux vidéos pour étudier les épidémies dû à un incident qui s’est survenu dans World of Warcraft: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_plague

    Je suis d’accord avec toi en ce qui concerne les jeux vidéos (en passant, mes jeux favoris sont Okami et Metal Gear Solid 3) mais je pense que les aspects de la vie qui se font “gamified” sont plutôt des aspects de la vie humaine pratiqués avec la technologie moderne. Moi je pense que seul la technologie et la décoration change et on se sert de la technologie pour les même choses qu’avant. Par exemple, le profile Facebook était un profile papier dans la forme de “personal ads” ou des profiles attachés à des “message boards” réels. L’internet n’a que remplacé l’espace physique avec un espace virtuel que tous peuvent accéder, après tout, à Rome, les anciens discutaient au Forum avec leurs tablettes (en cire) et leurs stylus (stylos).

    Je vais “forward-er” ce podcast à Jack Thompson ha ha!

    • http://LifeByExperimentation.com Zane the Experimenter

      haha oui, ça incident a été tres interessante (je rappelle ça bien).

      Et oui, les manefestationes virtual replacent choses actual. C’est intelligent à integre “gamification” parce que ça motive personnes. Ohh… Jack va être mon premier ennemi ici en la blogue, haha :)

      Oh, est-ce que j’ai dit prochain semaine je vais retourne à Montpellier? Je vais habite avec une hôte Française et nous avons parler just en Français.

  • http://LifeByExperimentation.com Zane the Experimenter

    Hah! This new study is indicating that video games create a drop in violence! http://kotaku.com/5814601/violent-video-games-contribute-to-dropping-crime-rate-study-suggests

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