How To Stay in the EU/Schengen Region for More than 3 Months

When I returned to Spain back in March of this year, I faced a dilemma: I wanted to stay in the European Union for the rest of the summer, but citizens of most countries outside of the EU (such as those of us from the USA) are only allowed to stay here for 3 months without a visa. I needed a legal way to stay here that did not involve paying more taxes, renting an apartment for a full year or other things that would hurt the way I travel. Here’s how I did it, as well as basic details for those of you looking for other options.


I’ve written a lot more about living abroad (click here)! Learn about what it’s like to live in a foreign country, packing, visas, safety, and a lot more. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Disclaimer: I am a traveler, not a lawyer. This information is what I have gathered in my travels and should serve as a starting point for your own research, not as conclusive legal advice.


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The EU, Schengen and Visa-Free Laws


First, it is important to understand the laws as they pertain to those of us from outside the EU. You are probably familiar with the EU or European Union, but not as many people are familiar with what the Schengen region is. In a nutshell, the Schengen is a border-free zone, meaning that when you pass from one Schengen region to the next you do not need to preset your passport or go through border control. This is the reason you can, for example, take a train from Barcelona to Paris without concern. The basic law is that we (from outside the Schengen zone) may stay in the Schengen region for 3 months (90 days) per 6 month (180 day) period with nothing more than a passport (no visa required). This only applies to those of us from countries like the USA, Canada and Australia who have a visa-free agreement with the Schengen region. In other words, once you enter the region, you can stay in it for only 90 days… and this all resets 180 days after entry.


So, what do you do if you want to stay longer?



Method 1: Bouncing Around

For the most part, the Schengen region and the EU are essentially the same… but not entirely. There are a some countries which are not in the EU but belong to the Schengen region (eg. Switzerland). More importantly for us, there are other countries that belong to the EU but are not in the Schengen region (like the UK and Ireland). This map illustrates the idea:


Schengen vs. EU (click to see source website)


So, if a country belongs to the EU but not to the Schengen region, it means it operates under different visa policies. This means that even if you live in France for 3 months on your visa-free period within the Schengen region, you could immediately then travel to Ireland or the UK (for example). You would then be subject to the visa laws for the new country, and you could wait for 3 more months as your Schengen visa-free period reset. In this way, you could actually bounce around the EU… hypothetically you could do this indefinitely and legally, just as long as you are careful to pay attention to the amount of time you spend in each place.


Note: new countries are still joining both the EU and the Schengen region. Do your own research before buying plane tickets to be sure that the policies have not changed since I wrote this article! Don’t say I did not warn you.


But what if you want to stay in a single country for longer, and not bounce between them?



Method 2: Get a Visa


A visa is a legal document issued by a country that allows you to stay in the country for a specified period of time. One good thing about this method is that a visa issued in one of the Schengen countries allows you to travel between the other Schengen countries. In other words, the entire Schengen region operates under a single visa policy, so even though the visa may be issued by one country it is a valid way to move between them. On the other hand, keep in mind that most of these options qualify as holding residence in your target country, meaning that you will likely have to pay taxes on any income you make.


Of course, the policies for visas are different for each country so I again must encourage you to do your own research for the country you wish to visit. For example, in Germany you can apply for a residence permit/visa from within the country, but in France you must do so from your home country. Still, here is the basic overview of your options:


Marriage: If your significant other is a resident of another country, you are more or less guaranteed an indefinite visa from that country. If you are so fortunate to be in this situation it is by far the easiest and most straight-forward. Don’t go trying to fool the system, though. Immigration policies are strict and the marriage must me legitimate.


Work: The hardest part about getting a work visa is generally finding an employer and then waiting the required amount of time. Especially given the recent recession and state of the job market, many countries have made this option more difficult in order to protect their domestic labor force. When I looked at the policies for Sweden, I found that there were many barriers in this particular country… for instance, the company that wishes to hire you must prove that they made an effort to hire a citizen first, and even then the approval process can take months. Finding work in your target country can prove very difficult unless you can bring a skill that natives simply cannot offer (in some cases, being a native English speaker may qualify as such a skill, but usually not). Most hostels and other small establishments will be unable/unwilling to help you. You will need to find a larger company with a legitimate reason for your presence.


Start a Company: The details for this path tend to be harder to find, but I have been told by people knowledgeable in the subject that the barriers are much smaller. Most countries are very eager to bring new business to their economy and are happy to provide you with a visa if you start a company. However, keep in mind that you will definitely need to pay taxes if you go this route. I considered doing this myself in Sweden, but soon realized that I would be subject to the notoriously high tax rates in Scandinavia and decided not to.


Study: A student visa is easy to get if you are going to an accredited university in your target country. All prominent universities will have a department whose job it is to facilitate this process for students. You can usually even work part-time with a student visa (about 20 hours a week). Some smaller schools can also offer the required paperwork to apply for a student visa, but generally the smaller the school the less likely it is. I have even known friends to apply to a medium-sized university and pay tuition simply to get a student visa and never even attend classes (keep in mind that universities here in Europe are much cheaper that in the USA). I would not recommend this because I do not know if it is strictly legal, but it is an interesting idea.


Live: If you can rent an apartment for a year or more in the target country as well as prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for that year, you can generally apply for a residence visa to live in the country. However keep in mind that this does not grant you permission to work in the country, which is why you must prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself without a job for the full time you plan to stay there. It is not uncommon to need to show bank statements to prove that this is an option. Here’s an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about a retiree who does exactly this in France and a great write-up on how to go about this in Germany.


Hopefully these give you a good starting point if you are interested in actually applying for a visa in your target country. But surely there is a middle-ground between bouncing around and going through the full process of obtaining a visa?

Method 3: Extend the Visa-Free Period

If you want to stay in the Schengen region for more than 3 months but do not want to (or cannot) become a long-term resident of a given country, this option is for you.

Let’s take Sweden (where I have done the most research) for an example. Here is the information about extending a visa-free period in Sweden. There are a number of requirements to be fulfilled. For one, a friend has to vouch for you (meaning his/her name and apartment address go on to the application form). You also had to prove that you have sufficient finances to live in Sweden during this time by showing bank statements (though it is a bit unclear exactly how much money is deemed “enough”). Finally you have to pay an application fee (about $130 USD) and show that you will leave Sweden when the extension ends.

It seems that such a permit could hypothetically last as much as a year, but the extension cannot last longer than the visa of your sponsor. When you are issued the card they will take your finger prints, signature etc. for their records. You are able to state on the application form that you wish to travel to other EU countries, though, so it is known and documented that you will not be in Sweden for this entire time.

I know that other countries also have policies to allow you to extend your visa-free period, though I have not researched them as extensively. Still, this should provide you with a good starting point if you would like to do something similar.



Other Methods?

Have you had experience with visas in other countries? Have you managed to extend your stay in the EU, Schengen, or elsewhere? I am very interested to hear how you did it, so please let me know below!

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  • Cerebrumaster

    After reading this, I had an idea that might allow a person to stay for almost half a year.  (However, I want to make it clear that I have never tried this and do not know that it would work).

    Say you enter the Schengen Zone on a day we will call Day 1, and then you leave that day for a non-Schengen Zone country (either in Europe or elsewhere).  Then on Day 91, you return to live in the Schengen Zone.  Wouldn’t you then be allowed to stay until Day 270, since you started another 180-day period on Day 180? You would only have spent 90 days in each 180-day period.

    • Zane the Experimenter

      Interesting idea – you’re essentially attempting to push two 3 month sections against each other, it seems, giving you an uninterrupted 6 months. From my interpretation of the law this seems to make sense, but I would not attempt it without consulting with someone who can make more definitive statements (eg an immigration lawyer or border control officer).

      On a tangential note, I have heard that the punishment for overstaying your visa free time can be a bit rough (a fine for each day you overstayed). I have also heard that if you manage to get past the exit customs without them catching the over-stay it then you are home-free, but that this is getting harder to do each day. I have had a few vagabonds and fellow travelers (like guys that work in hostels or as tour guides) tell me that they just ignore the time-constraints and fly out of / in to small airports to maximize their chances. This seems extremely dangerous and more than a little foolish to me, though, since you could even hypothetically be banned for a period of time if you got caught, so there is no reason to run such a big risk.

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t make sense to me. On Day 181, you will have been in the Schengen Area for more than 90 days in the previous 180 days, which means you’re overstaying your visa-free period. I have not consulted any immigration lawyer or border control officer, but the way I’m reading this seems quite clear: you’re limited to 90 days in ANY 180-day period. It seems odd to be able to pick your own specific 180-day periods; but it would be very straightforward to check, at any time, that you haven’t been in the Schengen Area more than 90 days during the previous 180 days.

        • Jim

          If you follow the laws in EU court cases, the courts accepted this interpretation. The caveat is that you need to leave for your visa-period to reset. So, on day 179 you should leave, and you can come back on day 181. I have tested this with a Schengen migration department and they agreed. But, you need to convince the border patrol as well.

          • mary

            Hi could u please link me the EU court case about the fact that we can reset the visa period that would be a lot of help thank you!!!

  • Zane the Experimenter

    I just came across this amazing article about mobile app developers living in Amsterdam. Frequent readers of the blog know that I am a mobile app developer myself and just spent a week in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, and it was one of my favorite places I have visited in the whole world. What is really interesting is that there is something called the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. If you start a business in the Netherlands and invest 4,500 EUR in it (as a sole proprietor) you can have an annually renewable visa applicable to the whole of the EU!

    • Jesusgil100

       Zane, would you b so kind to answer the following questions:
      If I go into the Dutch American Friendship Treaty, I’m available to receive a working permit, and apply for a family reunion there?
      Or for the contrary I will be only aloud to do business and be there by my self and not be able to bring my family with me?
      Thank you very much!!! 

  • Dan

    For non-EU citizens with a New Zealand passport, you can spend up to 3 months in EACH of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France,
    Germany, Greece, Hungary*, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands,
    Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, regardless of time
    spent in other Schengen countries (*applies to Hungary only if it is the
    final Schengen destination). But, if travelling to Estonia, Latvia,
    Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, the normal 3 months per 6 months period applies to New Zealanders. This EU website
    has more info – – as does this
    NZ Government travel advisory –

    I’m not aware of similar arrangements that are available for Americans though :(

    • Zadizaza

      does this apply to Australians?

    • anon

      I never reply or comment on these type of forums/discussions but Dan I think you just saved my life. Thank you so much for the above info and links for Kiwis being able to do 6 months- you beauty! :)

    • Cyphomandra

      I am from NZ and I think I have been talking to too many Americans about the Schengen visa. Fantastic to hear that there is a sly option for Kiwis to stick around longer. Thanks!

  • Tarzouet

    Hi, My Australian husband (I’m French) had to stay more than 3 months in France, we went to see the French “prefecture” (immigration office) and they told us to go to UK then come back.
    Before it’s 90 days, he went to spend 2 nights in London, and came back before the first 90 days. When we left France 20 days later, also after the first 90 days, nobody told us anything at the border .
    Has anyone find the extract of the law saying it’s 180 days for Australian and US ??? because what I can read is that they don’t need a visa and can stay 90 days, nothing about the 180 days in their cases… Until the proof we’re still a little worry to come back to France.

    • Ivanatiho

      so did u go back to france after the 90 days were finish or not? i am croatian and staying in schengen zone and   i book a ticket to go see a gf in ireland and i didnt realize at the time that my 3 months are finish one day after i come back and no i am not sure should i even go or not. i have a paper that sys i could stay in the zone until 23. 1 but if i leave the zone and come back is that paper going to be still valid or not. anybody can help me w that

  • Jani_qais
  • Bob-stephen

    Many people who have a British parent are unaware of the changes to British law that came into effect early in 2010. These changes mean that if either parent is/was British you are eligible for a British passport, with certain conditions.
    Having a British passport that describes you as a British citizen means that you can legally stay and work in any EU country, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, which are not EU members.
    The conditions that apply to eligibility for a British passport are:
    1. If applying through a British father, and born before 1 July 2006, your father must have been married to your mother at some stage either before or after your birth. For applicants born on or after 1 July 2006, the parents`marital status is irrelevent. Documents required are: your full birth certificate; your father`s full birth certificate; and for those born before 1 July 2006, your parents`marriage certificate.
    2. If applying through a British mother and born on or after 1 January 1983, you can apply directly for a British passport. Your mother`s marital status is irrelevent.
    Documents required are: Your full birth certificate and your mother`s full birth certificate.
    The form that you must use is C1, which you can get from the internet or from a British mission in your country.
    3. If applying through a British mother and born before 1 January 1983, you must first register as a British citizen. You must use Form UKZ (I think this is the form – the internet will tell you.) which can be obtained from the internet. Documents required are: Your full birth certificate and your mother`s full birth cetificate. Your mother`s marital status is irrelevent. There is no fee for this service. The completed form, together with documents and one passport photo, must be sent to the British Embassy or High Commission in your country. (Get the address from the internet.)
    You will need two referees, one of whom must endorse the photo.
    Note that this process can take between two and six months.
    If registration is accepted (It can be refused if you are not `of good character `) you must then attend a citizenship ceremony at a British Consulate, where you will be given a registration cetificate. You can then apply for a British passport. The fee for the ceremony is £80, payable in local currency at the time of the ceremony. You can then apply for a British passport.
    These regulations apply to Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The regulations for American citizens might be different.
    If you have an Irish grandparent (who was born in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK) you can apply for an Irish passport, which has all the advantages of a British passport.

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      halen sergey

  • Pippa


    I have a question thats simillar to the posts here. I would like to know if i can go to the EU on for the 90 days without a visa, but before I leave, organise a student visa in France so it would overlap (the 90 days) onto my student visa. Do you this it’s possible and legal? 

  • Clmchwdr

    Hi. I need help! I’m american staying in italy for 98 days without a visa. Since it is not advisable to stay for more than 90 days, I was thinking maybe I could cut the 90 day thing by coming in and out of the Schengen region by going to England in between? Would that be possible?

    Or is it a better idea to enter Europe through England with the intention of going to itsly, spending 36 days there, and then going back to England for a weekend, then back to Italy staying for another 62 days, and finally going back to England to go back to the States?

    Please help me anyone!! Need to know the details…

    • Whoisnemo

      It doesn’t make any difference. In any cases, before your 90-day free-visa expire you go to the UK (I have been told me you should stay outside the Schengen Area for at least five days… but I couldn’t find an official information… though it makes sense). 

      I would suggest you to travel to Italy and then take a long weekend outside the Schengen Area.

  • Amanda

    I’m an American with a student visa in Germany but want to do a semester abroad in France come September. Do I need to get a new visa or is my visa for Germany (valid until July 2013) enough? Anybody know?

  • Scott Valdez

    Method 1 seems to have a small hole in it. I’m an American that’s already been living in Romania (non-Schengen) 2 months that wants to move to Hungary (Schengen) in a month and stay there another 3. Here’s what I just found: “All European Union member states, with the exception of Ireland and the United Kingdom, have a unified visa system as part of theSchengen Area. Four countries outside theEuropean Union—Iceland, Liechtenstein,Norway and Switzerland—are also part of the Schengen Area, implementing the same unified system as well. Bulgaria, Cyprus andRomania are not yet part of the Schengen Area, but maintain the same immigration policies as required by the Schengen acquis. Ireland and the United Kingdom maintain independent immigration policies. ”

  • Jacquelyn Victoriano

    I got my Schengen Visa from Netherlands embassy It’s possible to fly to Paris?

    • Sadiqojo

      you have to travel to netherland and take a train from there to paris

  • Zyuan

    I am a Malaysian and wanted to stay in Germany for 5 months, I understand a Malaysian can enter Germany without a VISA for not more than 3 months in 6 months period. I would like to ask is a Malaysian applicable for the mthod 3 as well? (I am applying for student VISA, but worried if I can’t get the VISA)

    Can anybody helps? I called the consular office in my country, but they are reluctant to answer my question, helpless =(I appreciate your kind assistance very much.

  • Hartley Jessie

    So what is the punishment for staying longer than your 90 period?

    • Sol

      1000 euro fine and banned for 3 years from the Schengen area.

  • Scott Macca

    Hello, if you spend 2 weeks in Germany are you able to go back home (australia) and then apply for the working holiday visa or do you have to wait 180 days before applying?

  • Wcsd62

    i have student visa in spain, can i work in usa

    • Zane the Experimenter

      Unless you are a USA citizen or have a USA green card, no. Spain and the USA are completely different countries, their visas have nothing to do with each other. Not to mention, a student visa does not allow you to work.

  • Kelsey

    I will be studying abroad in Italy for exactly three months ( so I do not need a student visa). I would like to travel around for a few weeks after class ends but realize that I would then be in the EU for over 90 days. Can I leave the EU and spend a few days in the UK and then come back and continue traveling the EU without being penalized?

    • Zane the Experimenter

      No. Re-read the bold + italic section at the beginning of my post. You cannot stay for more than 90 days per 180 day period.

  • CzechVisaRules

    I was told when getting my Czech visa at the Czech Embassy in Vienna that US citizens – not sure about others – now must leave the Schengen zone for 180 days for every 90 days they spend inside Schengen. They suggested I go to the UK or Croatia if I couldn’t/didn’t want to go all the way back to the USA. This was a change to the law made in 2011, from what I understand. 

  • RLJ

    I hope somebody here could help me with this:

    I was in spain for 42 days and 4 hours from
    September 6th- 10:00, to October18th- 13:20

    I am planning to go back to Madrid again end of this year and i am left with 47 days 20 hours
    and during the upcoming trip i am planning to go to marrakech for 4 days.
    there is one stopover for both the inbound and outbound flights in paris
    so if i count that as well, i am entering the schengen area on the 30th November 0600 and leaving the schengen area on the 20th January  23:20

    this should be legal right? or do they not count by hours? i feel crazy counting like this but i want to spend even the very last available minute with my boyfriend :(

  • jenna

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  • Prince
  • Livinginspain

    Hi I have a question and need help, every lawyer I have seen here in Spain tells me something different. I am American, I moved to Spain and my company said they would sponser me but I have to go back and go through so much so I am going to start a business here in time, until then I do not want to leave. I know about the 3 month rule and left once to Morocco. My 3 next 3 months are up soon. Will I be able to travel in the EU with out getting busted (I have to go to Italy and Germany for work), I do not want to leave the EU and risk them not letting me back in. So the question is….IF SOMEBODY HAS EXTENDED THEIR 3 MONTHS CAN THEY TRAVEL IN THE EU WITHOUT GETTING DEPORTED??

    Thanks!! :)

    • Ivanatiho

      that is my question exact ? what i know is that u can travel trough whole schengen zone and u will be fine even without the visa, even though u are over ur 3 months but if u leave the area i am not sure and that is my question now as well. ?? i would be only one day overdue and i wouldnt wanna have any problems as well. 

      • Tina

        Dan is wrong, it’s 3 months accumulative for all Schengen countries. Not 3 months in each country.
        Think logically, when moving between the Schengen countries nobody checks your passport, so you are not getting any entry or exit stamps. So how can anyone tell how much time you spent in each of the countries?
        I’m a travel agent, and we had a client who was caught when leaving the Schengen zone, and the result was a hefty on the spot fine, plus a ban on returning for a few years.

        • manuel

          Hello everbody and TINA!
          Before coming to Italy i have newer heard about this 90 days in 180 days rule. I came to Italy 8 months ago,when the first 90 days expired, i went to Holand without problem and turned back. Then at mt 100 day, i left for US, I stayed there one month, and because i never heard about that i have to wait 90 days in Us, i turned back to Italy. Now as I understood, I was lucky! I ‘m in italy right now, and it already passed 90 days. In that case, instead of united states can I go to UK and turn back here?

          Tina, can u explain more about the situation of your client please?


  • Ivanatiho

    this was really helpful . I am staying in belgium now and i am  croatian and i would like to stay in belgium longer then 3 months and plus i sign in for a class of french and i should leave on the 23 . of january and my school finish 2 days after.  I think it is more or less the same for all the schengen zone countries . 

  • Crystal

    As a Canadian citizen, could I spend 90 days in Greece, then 90 days in Northern Cyprus and then back to Greece and then back to Cyprus for a period of a year, before returning home?

  • MS

    So I am now in Lithuania for more than 90 days. I am now ready to apply for my residency but I am being told I have to leave the schengen for 6 months. Is there anyway to get around this? 

  • Adi

    im going to apply a shengen visa for france, and my fiance is french, i just want to know if i can marry with him in france on my shengen visitor visa in france?can anyone help me in this please and im non EU citizen

  • annonymous

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  • Acstockel

    This is a really interesting blog, thanks Zane!   I am currently in Ireland (on a 90 day visit)  to satisfy the 90 day Schengen rule in Italy on an Australian passport, but ran into trouble getting into to the UK on the way to Ireland (they don’t like it being used as an escape).  I thought I was following their rules, but they seem to be subjective.  One of my many short term questions is, if I leave Ireland and go to England for a weekend, will my return to Ireland renew my 90 day stay?  I have a friend arriving from Australia only a week after my 90 days is up, would hate to miss her.  Can you help?  Appreciate it.  

  • Xena_r

    January 21, 2013:  I applied and have been given a national visa for France for one year.  I had to leave France and return to the United States to get it.  I was told by the chief of the French consulat section that, contrary to the information above, option 2, that this visa is only good for France; it DOES NOT apply to all the Schengen countries.  It has multiple entries, but the French consulate told me that when I leave France during this year the 90-day limitation for the Schengen Zone starts ticking.  How do I find out who is correct?

  • JC Yin

    Hi, I’m Malaysian and currently holding France student visa. My visa will be ended on 17 June 2013. I would like to stay in France for 90 days (Malaysian does not required for a visa to enter Europe). Will I get any problem to continue staying as a visitor after 90 days? The Malaysia and France embassy couldn’t answer my question :(

    • Eve

      Hi JC, I am Malaysian and having the same situation and question too, my student visa is going to end on 15 June 2013. Did you found the answer yet? :)

      • kay

        yes please give me an update. i am in the same situation in berlin.

    • JZ

      is there any updates?

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    Can I apply for my visas once In Europe after applying for the first time back home? Will there be any problem when I come back home to the U.S.? Thanks!

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  • scoe

    I am tying to find out more information on the following situation.

    My partner is a USA Citizen and also holds a New Zealand passport (dual passports). She wants to visit Greece traveling in to the country on her US passport and stay for the maximum time of three months. She then wants to switch to her NZ passport to stay a further three months. How does she go about changing the passports over legally? without going back to her home country (USA). Or does she even have to change her passports over? She needs to stay in Greece for a total of 6 months!

    It doesn’t make sense to go back to her country and pay for a flight of over 2000 dollars when the Greek over stay fine is a maximum of 1300 euros. Might as well pay that!

    Any help is much appreciated!

  • Visitor

    Hello, hope you can help me solving my doubts. My situation is the following: I have a residence permit in Estonia, (I am studying there), it is expiring in September, and Estonia is Schengen area. I know that I can stay in Italy up to 3 months with that residence permit, but I want to stay two more months. Can I go back to Estonia and then come back? or how long should I stay in Estonia to re-enter Italy? I mean, both countries are Schengen and I have residence permit of one of them. Thanks in advance.

  • Christian

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  • Marnina

    I am an Austrian citizen, my US citizen husband wants to move to Austria and has a 90 days permit to stay here and we have prepared all documents for his residency permit, I am getting a little concerned with all the infos I am getting because if the process of his application takes more than 90 days to be done until he gets the permit (we will apply as soon as he gets here, i.e Austria), what are we supposed to do to make it possible for him stay more than 90 days, without having to go back and come back again after 3 months! Wa’ve had that already once, since his documents were not ready on time for applying in Austria last time! it is costing enormous amount of money for us to bounce back and fort between EU and USA!!! I would appreciate any info you have and thank you a lot for the infos above and any furthur one and also best of luck..

    • Nishadee Liyanage

      Hi, I’m an Australian applying for a residence permit in Finland. The waiting times here are enormous and only yesterday I found out at the immigration office that once you have applied for the Finnish resident permit you can stay there as long as it takes for the permit to come through! (for me this is over 200 days) It says this nowhere on the websites. Keep in mind there are restrictions on travelling within the schengen area between the visa expiring and the permit coming through.

      I don’t know if this is the case in Austria and also isn’t publicised but it’s worth asking.

  • annonymous

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  • manuel

    Hello everbody and TINA!
    coming to Italy i have newer heard about this 90 days in 180 days rule.
    I came to Italy 8 months ago,when the first 90 days expired, i went to
    Holand without problem and turned back. Then at mt 100 day, i left for
    US, I stayed there one month, and because i never heard about that i
    have to wait 90 days in Us, i turned back to Italy. Now as I understood,
    I was lucky! I ‘m in italy right now, and it already passed 90 days.
    In that case, instead of united states can I go to UK and turn back

    Tina, can u explain more about the situation of your client please?


    • manuel

      besides can anybody tell where it is written that 180 day rules? because according to the official website of american consulate in italy, u can stay 90 days but it is not written anywhere that u cannot turn back to a schengen country, before spending 90 days in a non schengen country.

  • Noms

    hey, so im nannying in spain for three months from nov-jan and this is because i know i cannot get a visa longer then three months however i have bought my tickets before knowing i can only be in europe for three months and i arrive in amsterdam at the start of september, two months before. What are my options? could i get a visa for germany and just see if they will extend my visa? or for another country? help me!

  • urgent

    Hello, i have a question. I am doing my EVS in Romania. I am from Macedonia. My whole stay here should be totally one year. I come here in Romania in 1 of November. I have 90 days free for stay in Romania. After finishing this period i appliqued for visa and i gen visa for Romania. 180 days with 90 days stay. Last month on 24 April i applied for permit residence. And they said that it should be ready in max one month. After that something complicated and i am still waiting. My question is can i leave this country now? will be here some consequences? thanks a lot

  • Carolpell6

    I’ve been living in Holland for two months and I plan to move to France for the next 3 months, but i do not have time to apply for a visa. I knew I’d have to fly from Holland to the UK and then fly to France from there, but I did not realize there was a waiting period of 3 months in order to “reset” your 3 months….Couldn’t I hypothetically fly from Amsterdam to London, get my bags from baggage claim, recheck the bags and then get back on a flight to France as if I had been in London the whole time?? Wouldn’t that override the whole 3 month waiting period? No one would be able to know where I had been…

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  • sean an extra 90 days in france to tour shengen

  • kristyinitaly

    I am currently an Aupair in Italy and am from Canada. I will be in Italy for 4 months and have not applied for my visa yet.

    Is it possible to have my stay extended an additional month or two?
    I do not want to apply for a working visa as it seems hard to obtain and I wouldnt classify this as a job as I am working for a family and only receiving pocket money…
    any advice????


    • Aurora Grzni

      Hi Kristy,

      I am not sure if you need this help anymore and hope you have resolved; sorry to not have see this before. The first thing I would say to you is to not worry or panic about the length. There is a procedure here but it does not fall on you as the responsible party. What I mean when I say that is the family was the one that should have registered you for a work visa when you began working for them. Italy doesn’t care so much on a personal level for anyone with their rules. They are, however, very strict about the taxes paid on absolutely any service performed. When you are registered with these types of permits you are either given a fiscal code or filed under the person sponsoring you with their fiscal code in order to ensure these taxes are paid. You most likely can’t stay based on an extension of your visa. You would have to return to your home country. Actually, at the date of 4 to 6 months overstay you are really not in any trouble in any way. Even if you were to begin residence proceedings and stated you have been here without being on a visa or your employer decided to begin the process, they really are not strict about that and will say, ‘va bene’ without another thought. The only possible problems are if they were to find you were creating problems and make you go back. That being said, legally, you can’t stay without your family stepping up and doing the right thing. Most likely, if you are good without any problems you would not be even given another thought by anyone but I have to add that there is always a risk someone could really make a problem for you. Hope to have really helped and wish I could help more.

  • Olivia Zeh

    Does France have a method for extending the visa-free period similar to the process in Sweden? I want to stay 4 months.

  • jim forteza

    i am a US citizen on a one month study at a university in burgos spain. do i need my passport to travel via train to lisbon portugal?

  • Joseph

    can a tourist like me can apply part-time job or full time job in Italy???

    • Zane Claes

      In order to work in a foreign country, you’ll need a work visa. It’s a bit of a catch-22, because you need a job to get a work visa. Thus, you’ll need to apply to jobs which will help you obtain a work visa. In other words, you should ask the employer if they will sponsor your application for a work visa, and make it clear that you will need to obtain one in order to be eligible for working.

    • Aurora Grzni

      Hi, I had to answer with practical. I have lived in Italy for some years; I am American with an Italian husband. To work in Italy (Rome, Milan, Sicily, Tuscany; the larger areas where you would have the most advance) is difficult at best. Your age will have a lot to do with it. I have many, many friends from US, UK, Scotland, etc that are between 20 and 24 years old and here for a year or so at a time. A few have been here on the work permit as nannies but in only one case did that last. The same people (and many other young people) have come and work hard at jobs that deal with tourism (by this I mean the people whom walk up to other visitors and try to sell them tours of the area). This work is difficult and many of my young friends are very frustrated and stressed by the sales quota they often have difficulties meeting. It is not for the weak of heart. I am middle-aged. Work is very difficult to come by here even for Italians, much less foreigners.I have searched for even cleaning positions (worked for the schools in the US) as positions are really very few and far between. I have read some say tutors, English speakers, etc and, maybe 10 years ago, they would be correct. But in these years, any of these positions are not available (and they are really needed in my opinion). I have found a school that I volunteer to teach English and really because I miss my work so much. I have a few people around me from other countries whom have, maybe 8-14 years ago, gotten cleaning positions in homes or companies but have kept these positions and admit they would not be able to find them now. My friends are all wonderful and much younger, coming and going in and out of the countries. The ones here the longest actually do go to other countries as well, even if at first they had planned to be in one position here. At this age, if it is your age group and from my experience here, I highly recommend to have a full experience and see all the area countries; even looking for a position in another country as a nanny or help this way to begin with. It is a wonderful place to visit (especially the larger areas like Rome as you can easily get away with not knowing a lot of Italian while the outer areas know absolutely no English) and at this age group, it is really ideal. My friends all have a lot of fun and are in part, like a family with other expats they meet. I always run into, however, the burnout of some common challenges faced here and they eventually do move on to other countries to explore (most notably Ireland however some have secured work permits in nanny positions which they really loved, in Germany). I really hope this helps, I was once in your shoes when my husband and I first got together and I was trying to find a way to be closer to him many years ago. He solved that and proposed (smile).

  • Raghda

    hi, well…i don’t know if you can help me, my husband is actually now studying in barcelona and i was planning to go to him, if i wanted to stay the whole time ( till the end of july). can i apply for a normal tourist visa and then extend it their by the papers that prove we’re married!? , because other wise i’ll have to wait like 2 and half months to make a family reunion visa. please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

  • The Popes Goch

    So I’m travelling to Europe in May this year for about 5 months, and I only just found out about this schengen rule. I’m going to be staying in the UK for about a month so that still leaves another 4 months in the schengen area which obviously I wouldn’t be able to do. So my question is: would I be able to get a working visa (12 months) in any of the schengen countries and then be able to travel between them for about 4 months? Thanks a lot :)

  • India

    I’m arriving in Paris on the 19th July and then travelling around EU/Schengen area, and leaving from Paris on the 25th October, which in total is 98 days, but I have 9 days in Croatia – does this mean that I will only be in the Schengen area for 89 days? And can get through visa free?

    • Zane Claes

      That sounds correct. Again, the rule of thumb is “90 days inside Shengen per 180 days.” So if you’re only in Shengen for 89, that’s less than 90. But, again, I’m not a lawyer. Don’t take my advice without doing your own independent fact-checking.

  • PetterX

    “sufficient funds to support yourself” Does anyone know how much we are talking about?

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