Reflection: My Minimalist Weekend

A few weeks ago, I decided to set aside this last weekend to do more with less – to have a minimalist weekend. I had initially decided to take only a backpack with me on a train to wherever sparked my interest.


I ended up going to Copenhagen (Denmark) and spending nearly a full week there, where I met up with a Danish friend and enjoyed the Distortion festival. Kasper and I met as students of French in Montpellier, France and he was so kind as to invite me to stay at his house for my time in Copenhagen. I arrived on Wednesday for the festival, so by the time the weekend came about we were exhausted and ready to enjoy the gorgeous weather. I had the opportunity to meet plenty of Danish people and have some wonderful conversations on culture.




The weekend was characterized by walks in the park and home-cooked Danish lunches outside, like this one:



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Kasper’s twin Golden Retrievers were our constant companions, as well:



I have to admit that on Saturday night we attended the final party for the festival (and had to purchase tickets), but over all I consider it a very successful experiment into minimalism. I went 6 days with just what I could carry in my backpack and ended up enjoying myself more than I have in quite some time. Aside from the weather, the best part of the trip was getting to make some new Danish friends and really experience the country from a local’s perspective. If anything, this has reinforced my desire to further streamline and optimize my possessions – to become more lightweight and travel in a minimalist fashion.


Have you experimented into minimalism recently? How were your results? Let me know below!


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    What’s your backpack? Why not always travel with just a backpack?

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