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    This is How to Speak to a Foreigner

    Every time I find myself stumbling for words in a foreign language, I can’t help but think of all the people I’ve met struggling to learn English. This post is meant as a guide for native speakers in their home country to understand the best way to communicate with non-native speakers.   Don’t Change Anything, […]

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    Using Tracking to Accomplish More

    This post is a part of the 10 Steps to Nonstop Accomplishment series. If you like the tips in this post, check out the other posts in the series for maximum accomplishment, energy, and motivation.   If there is a single undervalued psychological technique to accomplish more, it is that of tracking. If you don’t know where […]

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  • Rodney Yee, a well-known teacher

    Can Yoga be Used for Building Muscle (Strength Training)?

    It seems well established in the popular mindset that yoga is great for developing a svelte physique. If you go to any yoga studio, you’ll no doubt see support of this theory: most practitioners are thin, lithe and flexible. In contrast, many people (particularly men) seek to add muscle to their frame, seemingly at odds with […]

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