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    What Makes You Happy?

    Don't leave life to chance. Science has revealed ways to be more productive, change how you see the world, and be happier. I do the research, so you don't have to. Scroll down to see the latest...

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  • beach

    Traveler’s Mind, Zen Mind

    Have you ever heard someone say “travel is a state of mind?” It’s one of those platitudes that annoys me whenever I’m not on the road. Only someone who has the luxury of travel would ever say it. “No,” I want to scream, “travel is going somewhere different and seeing something new!”   Yet I think […]

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  • happy

    The 5 Best Books I Read in 2014

    Every year, I strive to read at least 100 books. Most of them either fall into the research category (a synthesis of different studies), or are novels. Here are my top 4 best reads from 2014:   Quiet: the Secret Power of Introverts Susan Cain I’ve long known that I’m something of an introvert, but […]

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  • mrogers

    How To Develop Healthy Self-Esteem

    In the west, we seem to take for granted that it is important to have high self-esteem, but not all self-esteem is created equal: some of it leads to narcissism. There have even been TV programs (such as Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) aimed specifically at instilling self-esteem into children.   The desire to instill self-esteem in young […]

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  • ii

    Mental Time-Hacks for Saving Money

    Let’s face it: most of us are bad at saving money. It turns out it’s not our fault: our brains are wired in a way that makes it difficult to financially plan for the future. Thankfully, there are some tricks that can be used to sidestep this effect.   Your Future Self and Time Discounting […]

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  • nothingnew

    The “Nothing New Under The Sun” Fallacy

    There’s an old biblical proverb about there being “nothing new under the sun.” On one level, it is true: most of what we know of as creativity is actually the rehashing of old ideas. Writer Stephen King likens the creative process to “uncovering” the story like an archeological expedition, a sentiment which supports the “nothing […]

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  • yoda

    The Absolute Best Way to Change Behavior

    What do Yoda, vegetarians and Alcoholics Anonymous all have in common? They all work in absolutes to create permanent results. It turns out there’s solid science to support this approach. Every day many people try to change a bad habit and most of these efforts fail. This trying is well-intentioned, but doomed. In the words of Yoda: […]

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  • cartmanbrah

    Do Great Artists Really “Steal”?

    If you’ve spent any time around creatives you’ve probably heard a quotation that goes something like this: Good artists copy; great artists steal.   Variously attributed to Picasso, T.S. Elliot and even Steve Jobs, this sentiment is frequently echoed. On the surface it seems mildly offensive, which is what makes it so pithy. Yet it […]

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  • guilt

    There is No “Good” Without Guilt

    Have you ever heard someone say something like “live without regrets?” It sounds like a pleasant platitude at first, but stop to think about it for a moment. It’s one thing to not live life to the fullest because you are afraid, but this is something wholly different. To live without regrets, you must have either […]

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